A Broken Vow and New Beginning: An Epic Love Story of Betrayal and Redemption

DSC_0042Part I: Waking Up

I want to tell you a story. Although it is excruciating to recount, it is critical for others to hear, understand and apply what I share. The subject I bring to you is unfortunately a common occurrence affecting millions of men, women and children daily…it is the stuff that crucifies marriages and destroys families.

Over the next few weeks I will be rolling out a series of articles on the topic of adultery. Stories like this one are quite messy so it will be told both honestly and from the perspective of the faithful spouse. Which means raw emotions are going to get in the way, but I vow to be as transparent as possible while protecting and honoring my marriage.

This is an epic story of a man and a woman who fell passionately and inextricably in love two decades ago. After eighteen years of matrimony, raising children, falling asleep emotionally and growing apart spiritually, one of them had an affair. So throw on your lounge clothes and grab yourself a coffee, a sweet tea or a bougie water (inside joke only my man and closest friends will get), curl up in your cozy place and read. Read about waking up, recommitting, choosing forgiveness, making the decision to love, and most importantly I hope you grasp the implied messages of redemption and grace.

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