Jenny & Todd


My beloved and I met at Crowley’s restaurant beneath a canvas of Marilyn Monroe. Although there was a strong chemical attraction, we just enjoyed each other’s company and hanging out with friends every week. Our first date was two months after we met. We bonded quickly in those early days; our connection was deep spiritually and emotionally. In his words, “I fell for you hard and fast.” We married 13 months later and “we loved with a love that was more than love.”

We’ve been married for twenty years. None of those years were easy, in fact most of what we learned is from the school of hard knocks. We made every mistake there was relating to finances, co-parenting, supporting each other, dealing with in-laws, etc., but we remained deeply in love and determined to make it to the finish line. Then year 18 happened and our world came crashing down. We almost divorced that year over a series of stupid decisions. But through unceasing prayer, perseverance, lots and lots of talking and God’s enduring grace- our marriage survived everything that was intended to destroy it.

We are partners, parents, grandparents, and will be transparent on this website. I (Jenny) write 99% of the articles on this blog. I am real and raw in describing my experiences and emotions for the purpose of assisting other couples with their marriage struggles. People are my passion and as a fierce protector of my own marriage, I want other couples to taste the success that comes when you transform your marriage from “just surviving” to “thriving.” My driving ambition is to decrease the divorce rate one marriage at a time!

I am still developing content so check back frequently- it’s going to take a while to get where I’m headed. I may have talked my man into doing some video blogs, so do stay tuned! For now, we are committed to the vow we made at the altar some 20 years ago and we are counting life by the decades.